“I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

Those are words of Sally Fields when she won the Oscar in 1984. Honest.. The full quote is “I haven’t had an orthodox career, and I’ve wanted more than anything to have your respect. The first time I didn’t feel it, but this time I feel it, and I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!” She never actually said “You like me, you really like me.”

I love this quote even more today than I did a week ago.  My life has a teacher and a writer has been anything but conventional as a result there are times when I crave acceptance and approval.  Moments when I receive those things are like deposits in my self-esteem bank. They help fortify me against days when nothing goes right.  Comments and likes really do provide feed back, just like raising a hand in class or saying thank you when something is given.

Then, I started my own Facebook Author’s page and since then I have been working to increase the “liked” numbers.  It seems a little strange to me now that I am actively working to get people to to like me; my Mum always told me just to be myself and not to worry about the rest. Still, each time I get the message that someone else has liked the page, a smile comes across my face. Sometimes, I do a little happy dance.

Currently, a hundred and one people have clicked that little button.

The more people that like the page the more nifty the features that I get access to or at least that’s what I believe will happen. Truth is I am so new to this that I am not sure what happens at what stage.  I set the page up as a way to connect with my readers on a more personal level and to post updates on the release of my novella ~ Blood Child.  As time goes on I also hope to offer giveaways and other events through it.

If you haven’t checked it out, please do so and if you want press that little button to make this author smile.  Click here to visit. Thank you.

Love, Hugs and Moo’s,



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