Cheeseburger Cart

Once upon a time, I joked about getting a food cart and taking it downtown to feed skinny chicks.  Girls who clearly needed to eat, who were an unhealthly kind of skinny.  It wasn’t a very good joke.  It implied that I have a problem with slender women.  I don’t. There isn’t a rivalry between skinny and curvy women.  Or at least there isn’t one on my end.   We should all be trying to be the best the healthiest people we can; mentally and physically.

We live in a world where Olympic women  are being criticized for their weight and hair styles.  Seriously?  These women are literally the best of the best and we are after them because they don’t fit our ideal of beauty. Wow.. 

So, I am retiring my cheeseburger cart joke because I don’t really know what is behind those ultra thin women I see downtown.  If they are unhealth then me critizing them isn’t going to do damn thing to help them.  And it doesn’t help me with my self-image issues. I love my curves, but sometimes I don’t act like it.  The people that critize the Olympains share some of the same body image issues that I still struggle with. Except they are still stuck on the idea that there are only certain people who can be beautiful. 

Beauty as any good English teacher knows is an abstract noun and can’t be narrowly confined to just one group’s standard. If you don’t believe me check out this blog by another curvy diva – Georgina.


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