And Then Her Wig Fell Off – A Review

Review of Then Her Wig Fell Off: Sometimes We Just Need to Laugh

By Will Bevis

Available through Amazon for $1.99

This e-book delivers on its promise to make you laugh. Not just a chuckle, but a full body down to your toes laugh that heals the bit of our soul that life wears down. It is the true story of a man who went into get his haircut and came out with so much more. His “Magician” is more than just a stylist, she uses her magic to make all of her clients feel better.

I truly wish that I had this book when my mother went through her cancer treatments and plan on sharing it with her as soon as possible.  She has her own “Magician” who gives her more than just a hair. She makes my mother smiles and honestly cares about her.  I know because the last time she went in, I was there.   Life no matter how bleak always has a ray of sunshine. Sometimes getting your hair cut or nails done is more about the people doing it than the final product.

Bravo, Mr. Bevis, Bravo….


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