Memoirs of a Dreamer Girl

How is it that you are so beautiful?So dreamy yet so real? I make playlists for you, I hum your name as I put my make up on. They say you don’t deserve me, I am coveted you see. I am the porcelain doll they all want on their stand. And you? You touch me without catching your breath, you look past my brown eyes, straight into my soul. You make me want you on my stand, and then curse you for not breaking at the sound of my voice. We are like children, hiding our feelings in games of hide-and-seek. They tell me of how u crave for my scent when I am away, how you whisper my name in ur dreams. What I want to know is, why do you nt want all of me? I need to know now cos I am going up on a stand…

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