When you assume you make an…..

Donkey… out of you and me..

Please don’t assume you know what is in my heart. Or in my political mind.

Don’t assume because I am an Unitarian Universalist that I vote a straight Democratic or that because I was raised in a Republican you know who I am going to vote for.

I vote for whomever I believe will do the best for the country.  Period.

Of course, if your political parties followers insult my intelligent enough because they think I am for the other side it doesn’t bode well for your candidate.

I am beginning to dread elections since it means that I have to fled certain relatives houses to avoid fights.  It is actually ironic that the very people whose houses I have to avoid are the people who made me so independent.  They are the ones who taught me to stand and think on my own.


2 thoughts on “When you assume you make an…..

  1. I can relate. There are so many people with whom I simply avoid conversation at all right now in order to avoid the inevitable conflict. Mostly family. I hate it. I’m looking forward to November 7 for that reason alone.


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