Gone too long….

A lot has happened since last July when I wrote about walking Luke and being confronted by a woman in her car.  A woman angry because I dared not to pick up the Luke's stool in the bushes where he had so cleverly deposited it.   I still remember how entitled and angry the woman was … Continue reading Gone too long….

The Work

The work is hard, but I do it. I try to complain less and listen more. I try to do my best. I try and do my best. But, lately the work of my life seems to be bring me down. One of my students confided in me today that she just wanted her struggles … Continue reading The Work

Justice: A Work in Progress

Living in Florida has never been a dream come true.  The Sunshine State and all its sunshine laws are all misnomers. The first year I lived here, there was the election debacle and things have not improved since then.  Americans scream for justice and do little to work for it.  Floridians are much the same, … Continue reading Justice: A Work in Progress

Vote, Pretty Please..

The sixth of November is coming and American needs all of its registered voters. Not Obama or Romney, America needs them. America needs for her citizens to get off their collective arses and vote. This means you.... Vote and  let your voice be heard.  Even if you think that  both candidates suck, vote.  Choose the … Continue reading Vote, Pretty Please..