I would love Katie to this to me…

Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

I recently posted about my latest photo shoot with Velvet d’Amour and briefly talked about the corset I wore. Since doing that post and my previous post on a shoot with her I have had many emails and messages from women wanting to know more about my corsets, so I thought it was time to do a proper review!

The corset I had on in the second shoot is the best corset I have ever owned, hands down. It is the Morticia from What Katie Did.

I managed to snare it on eBay for a pretty bargainous price and it is amazing. I went for a size 30 as per the instructions – to go for a size 4 inches less than your natural waist.

I have worn corsets before and often found that they didn’t quite mould to my hippalicious shape, nor take my need to breath into…

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