Gratitude Day 2 – Sisterhood

Last year’s gratitude series began with a reflection on an evening spent with some good friends.  Last night, I was in their company again.  It wasn’t a quiet evening at home, but a busy night at work.

Serena was in the kitchen making her delectable creations for patrons. Sonia was running the floor and making sure everyone was taken care. And I was reading tarot in a corner for a little while. It wasn’t the relaxing evening we enjoyed a year ago, but it was still just what we needed.

Working, being busy, and just moving about can be its own form of meditation.  Spending time in the moment and just the moment brings its own kind of peace.  Its own kind of magic.

I remain grateful for each time we gather; whether blood sisters or sisters found along life’s journey. We heal each; gather strength to be the women we want and need to be.  Thank you, my sisters, I love you, all.


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