My absence from this blog hasn’t been intentional. Life of late has been running me more than me running with it.  My car broke down last week among other things. The tires on my bike keep deflating.  Despite the stresses, I have been writing daily and the coming year is going to be far more prosperous than the last one. The last two weekends I have been cleaning and resting; setting my physical world in order  as well as my mental one.

The lesson I have been dooming myself to repeat again and again is taking on too much.  This weekend, I didn’t go to work at all even though I was scheduled to do so.  I stayed home and last night had dinner with two old friends and their precious little girl.

We talked for hours after dinner everyone taking turns cuddling the little one. As the evening continued, I realized that these were people with whom I could and have been completely honest with.  They have been a consistent blessing in my life and their honesty a gift.

Reflecting on my best friends, I am so grateful for their honest presence in my life.  It is one of the things that keeps me going through the stresses of my life.  Little by little, day by day, I really am getting better at this thing called life.


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