Memories of Thunder

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

The last Memorial Day weekend in the Washington, D.C. area was also the last weekend I would spend with my aunt.  Three years later she would be dead and I would be living in the mountains of Virginia going to school.

But, I remember that weekend and the sound of thunder. Hundreds of thousands of motorcycles rolling through the nation’s capital. I remember the juxtaposition of the bikers and the museums’ facades. My aunt would later send me an article about Rolling Thunder that I still have today in an album with my fuzzy pictures of the bikes. I was in awe at seventeen of all of it as I stood on the mall watching the procession. 

Today, I stand in awe of everything our men and women in service have done for our country.  I understand why all those bikes thunder to life in honor of them. Their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families is unbelievable and appreciated; not just today and everyday. Thank you for my freedom. 

Flowers for the Fallen.

Flowers for the Fallen.

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