My body is amazing.

Our bodies are beautiful. This blog by a very lovely lady nicely piggy backs on yestersday’s blog.

Villainy Loveless

Today at work I was told by a stranger that I was big and broad like a football player. The man then proceeded to puff up his chest and spread his arms wide laughing. Just in case I didn’t understand what he meant I guess, how very kind of him to offer visual clarification. Perhaps it was the shocked look on my face and inability to find words that gave him the impression I may have needed further exposition. That silence didn’t last long mind you, and as the clouds of disbelief in what this stranger had just said quickly dissipated, they gave way to a retort along the lines of, “you’d better shut your mouth now and leave before I toss you out like an actual football player.” However quick my response was though, that was still how my day started, mildly horrified that this man had felt the…

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2 thoughts on “My body is amazing.

  1. It is soo sad that we see with the myths created by marketing people who are only interested in exploiting us to maximize profit. Kill your Ggod Darn TV!!!!
    One of the most beautiful women I have ever known was Suzzanne Marsh who was so lovely and she was not thin. She was so lovely as a woman, a person, a soul.


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