Day Three ~ Gratitude Check

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I am grateful for being able to work.

Pure and simple.

I know being employed is a blessing and I am grateful.

I am not rich, but the jobs I hold help me to pay bills and afford a small rental house. Some months paying those bills is easier than others, but it is getting better thanks the addition of a roommate. Currently, I have one full time and two part time  jobs.

Besides my home, they also let me pursue my passions; writing and travel to name a few. Although I don’t get to travel nearly enough this year I made it Colorado and Georgia. Trips I hope to repeat.

Being employed, staying employed and remaining employable are all things to be grateful for especially in an uncertain world. I haven’t always had the best jobs or the greatest bosses but each job I have held as always been more than a job to me. Throughout my working career, I have endeavored never to look down on a task I have been assigned. Tried never to see something as beneath me.

They have been learning experience, experiments and on occasion they have been acts of desperation.  They have given me stories and experiences that have transformed myself from a shy violet to a confident and vibrant rose.

So I am grateful for my jobs; grateful for the things that they enable me to do.   I am grateful that I do something for a living that is both challenging and rewarding.

*Revised from 11/26/2013


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