Turkey Day Thanks…

Thank you!My Orlando family is small and so even with the day off, I am at home writing for a couple of hours before I head off to dinner. My contribution to dinner is some homemade cranberry sauce.  I have never attempted it before, but the recipe was simple enough. It sits in the frig awaiting its debut in three hours.

Simple is the theme of the next year for me.  In this time between Halloween and New Year’s, I like to take the time to evaluate the past year and make resolutions as well as test them out.

Blood Child

Coverart by Steven Warrick

I am going to embrace the K.I.S.S. philosophy and do what I can as I can and not complicate things that don’t need to be made more difficult. As I do that I hope to assume my regular schedule of posting here as well as work on my novel – My Dragon Friday. Blood Child should be coming out sometime in December if all goes right. There are so many things that I have learned from this process and one of those was that I spent way too much time worrying about things that I didn’t need to in an attempt to avoid making mistakes. There is no way to avoid making mistakes in life or in writing.

Thanks to Kickstarter and all of you, my first novella, Blood Child, will be published.

One of my dreams is going to be coming true very soon and it is because of you, dear readers, knowing that I had made a commitment to this blog and to you has helped keep me focused.

Thank you and Happy Turkey Day,



2 thoughts on “Turkey Day Thanks…

  1. I follow your path with wonder and joy
    For you give us a gift that can only be seen
    By waiting to learn where it is you have been

    Because when we do, we see this bright shiny star
    That makes Florida seem like its not very far.

    All the best to you, Cranberry!!


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