Saturday Morning Sketch

Sunlight on a Saturday

Sunlight on a Saturday

He was trying to absorb some of the hope offer by the sun as it reached through the trees into the darkness of the urban park. His head bend to all the way to clasped hands, eyes closed, pleading for something to change.  Pleading for a miracle. Just had he had every other morning since he had begun sleeping there.

“Come on, boy..” the sound of another intruder breaking the tranquility that drew him and the others to the park broke his concentration.  He looked up to find a tall woman silently making her way along the path.  If she hadn’t called out to the black lab walking beside her, he never would have heard them coming. She wasn’t rushing along ignoring her surroundings.  Her pace was smooth.  The animal beside her ambling along just a peacefully. Her eyes were covered by a pair of big sunglasses, but the smile on her face warmed him more than the sun had in the last hour.  He bet that the smile reached all the way to her eyes.

“Good Morning, sir.”

He just smiled and nodded. His ears not believing what she had just said.  His head returned to begging for his miracle. His change.

And there it was.

Above is a character sketch based on a man I saw in the park while I was walking Luke. The man struck me with the peace in his stance, but the desperation in his eyes. I have no idea if he is really homeless.  As I was writing those details just flowed onto the page.  Not sure where this one is going, but it needed out of my head and onto the page. 

Please let me know what you think.




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