Memorial Day

imagesWorking at theme park on Memorial Day weekend is hectic and a little more than insane. Everyone wants to know if we are busy, how much tickets cost and why don’t we have better discounts.  I field the calls as best I can and as politely as possible. The only time I feel bad about the ticket prices are when members of the military call, especially active duty.

I think that our military service members need to be thanked more and often for their service. Sometimes I am shy and don’t say the words that in my heart. Momma to her credit does.  She has walked up to servicemen and women in parking lots to thank them.

My mother is so much braver than I am.

As the granddaughter and daughter of veterans, I know that my life would have been vastly different had they not made it home.  My Papa, who is actually my step-father, never would have been a part of my life.  Neither my mother or father would have been born or my paternal grandmother would have been a widow and my father, if born,  most likely won’t have been able to go to college.

Just one family and war could have destroyed us.  My grandparents have fourteen living descendants spread up and down the east coast.  In the war in Afghanistan, over two thousand families have paid the ultimate price.  More paid the price in Iraq, Korea, and Vietnam, but one live is not worth more than another.  Countless families have paid the price for our freedom.

Memorial day is a day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to thank them and their families for the gift of our freedom.  No matter what we may think about our current government and political system those that serve in our military deserve our respect.  They deserve a better health care system and benefits. Their families need their country’s support.

A thank you is the least we could do.

So thank you.

Thank you for doing something that so many of us are unwilling or unable to do. Thank you for going without sleep or rest to keep us safe. Thank you for being there for us when terrorist attacked our country and for putting so much on the line for us, the American people.

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance

I remember you and I thank you.





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