Wacky or Tacky

Wacky or Tacky

with your little Hitler hair cut

and your 99 cent discount attitude

What you want to do

What you want

is somehow

always at the cost of

what others need.

Character Sketch (April Page a Day)

I am a coward. It is clear and there is no way to escape it. I am a coward and the people I love ignore it. No wants to admit that their relative has the spine of a jellyfish.  The coward you know, the coward who does make any waves and lives the life you expect.

Of  course, they encourage my cowardliness. You need to be careful. You shouldn’t take that risk. Or that one. Always have a back up plan.  Are you sure about that? Well, have you thought about this or that? Do you really need to do that ? Wear that ? Or be so bold ? bossy? pushy? Overbearing?

Day after day, I wake up and get dressed in my cowardly apparel.  Dress pants, a tasteful shirt, heels not too high or too short and jewelry adding just a hint of personality.  Get along and move along. Just be yourself, but not too much yourself.  Break the mold, just …

Just it is too much to be this way and too much to let go and walk away. It is all too much.

I break and then I tape myself back together again.

Day in and day out, I do it over and over again, living this prescribed life, searching for the meme that is going to set me free.

April Page 8

Six days, six pages and a cold. This morning, I so wished badly not to have to get out of bed and go to work. Even as I type this I am contemplating how badly I need to go to work this evening. I am thinking that I made a mistake coming to work.  My body is now screaming at me. I need to go to sleep. I want to go back and go to bed.

But, I am not going back to bed.

Not now and not for at least a couple of hours. I am toughen it out. It is actually easier for me……

Well, days 6 and 7 were eaten by the cold. Completely eaten.  Nothing at all is left of day 7 and all that remains of day 6 is above.

By lunchtime, I forced myself to go home and rest. There was no point in pushing myself and there I have been for the last two days. In bed. In a sorted pjs and comfy clothes. The only part of I enjoyed was having a milkshake for lunch and getting to read whenever I wanted. The spirit was willing but the flesh was contaminated.

I could have and maybe should have stayed out and extra day.  But  I made it to the end of the day and I am back on track with my pages. Tomorrow’s page will be different than the previous days, less journal and more fiction.

Luke explaining to me why this is his side of the bed.
Luke explaining why staying in bed is good for me.


Sunday Afternoon Sketch


The Counter 

The sound of something crashing, even something small, echoed in the main atrium of the department store. Mindy had only walked away from the makeover for a moment to help a young woman. In that hair of a second, the customer had taken it upon herself to add some eye-shadow to the areas under the eye.  Not a huge sin in the cosmetic counter world,but when the loose samples slid out of the palette rendering them useless, it didn’t seem like the brightest of ideas. Mindy had to take a deep breath, then another one.

The look of sorrow on the woman’s face made the last breath short and soothing. The woman went one about her life and desire to have an interesting mid-life crisis.  She talked about her ex-boyfriend who raced motorcycles and hated Harley Davidson.  She labored over each imaginary choice working Mindy for any suggestion, any suggestion at all that would make this time of her life interesting and fun but still leave her appearing like the responsible single mother she had always strived to be, despite every other word that had come out of her mouth.  She wanted to be this or that, but never one of those people  No mention of her precious babes. She didn’t want to appear irresponsible, yet, she did nothing about the powdered mess spread out at her feet.

She used Mindy, a girl barely out of high school, like a tenured bartender and didn’t even leave a tip when she finally abandoned her stool two minutes before closing. She did look fabulous  and with that Mindy smiled.

Today’s sketch was inspired by a trip the cosmetic counter at local department store.  This is the fourth character sketch I have started and the second that I have finished. As with the first, Saturday Morning Sketch, I started with an idea and just let it take me where it wanted. Hope you enjoy it and as please let me know what you think. 

Saturday Morning Sketch

Sunlight on a Saturday
Sunlight on a Saturday

He was trying to absorb some of the hope offer by the sun as it reached through the trees into the darkness of the urban park. His head bend to all the way to clasped hands, eyes closed, pleading for something to change.  Pleading for a miracle. Just had he had every other morning since he had begun sleeping there.

“Come on, boy..” the sound of another intruder breaking the tranquility that drew him and the others to the park broke his concentration.  He looked up to find a tall woman silently making her way along the path.  If she hadn’t called out to the black lab walking beside her, he never would have heard them coming. She wasn’t rushing along ignoring her surroundings.  Her pace was smooth.  The animal beside her ambling along just a peacefully. Her eyes were covered by a pair of big sunglasses, but the smile on her face warmed him more than the sun had in the last hour.  He bet that the smile reached all the way to her eyes.

“Good Morning, sir.”

He just smiled and nodded. His ears not believing what she had just said.  His head returned to begging for his miracle. His change.

And there it was.

Above is a character sketch based on a man I saw in the park while I was walking Luke. The man struck me with the peace in his stance, but the desperation in his eyes. I have no idea if he is really homeless.  As I was writing those details just flowed onto the page.  Not sure where this one is going, but it needed out of my head and onto the page. 

Please let me know what you think.