I am a Greedy Teacher #bctf #bced

I am a greedy teacher. I work in a public school for teen mothers, teacher four different preps and have been asked to add another which is out of my subject area next year. Every year I am asked to do more and more with less. My mother and father who are both retired often help me get things I can not afford for my classroom and for my students. All teachers need a fair deal… all of them.

Thirty Days of Autism

I am a greedy teacher…

I want more than I currently have, a lot more. I don’t think that I should have to apologize for that. You see I have a son that will need help in school. He will need one-on-one attention, and a speech pathologist. I am so greedy that I am willing to walk out on strike and potentially lose over $4000 because he isn’t the only one.

I am a greedy teacher. I work in an alternate school and teach students with behavioural and mental health issues, high anxiety, ESL, Learning Disabilities, and drug problems. I have seen all of the teachers I work with struggle to make decisions as to who should get testing and who shouldn’t, since access is limited. I am so greedy that I am willing to sacrifice my strike pay to make sure that they get what they deserve when it…

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