Look Who’s Reading The Zombie Bible

Denver Folks – Meet Stant Litore at Comic Con…

Stant Litore


This is Stant Litore, reporting in from Denver Comic Con, where it turns out that superheroes and supervillains alike are getting in on The Zombie Bible


The books bring up many, many riddles from our past.
Not least of them: the riddle of how we ever managed to survive the living,
let alone the ravenous dead.


These definitely are the books you’re looking for.


Tinkerbell looks gleeful!
Who can blame her? I look this way every time I open the first page of a new story.
Except for the wings.
I don’t have wings.
Though I would like to have wings. I would like that very much.


This friendly carnivore has taken The Zombie Bible to heart!


Maleficent and Ursula attempted to burn my book to a crisp.
But I forgive them, because they did it with style.


Even X-Men stopped for a moment to check out the stories.

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