Sleepy Day, Birthday Day.

Birthday Day Me

Birthday Me

Sleepy day. Birthday day. Great lunch with friends and then a trip to the new Burlington Coat Factory and group costumes for all the teachers at my school. Hint it involves eight teachers in plaid cowboy shirts   Before we were back at school, I regretted the ice cream I had for lunch. It was delicious at the time, but I don’t usually eat sweets so the sugar made me instantly sleepy.

But a sweet treat on my birthday could not be passed up.

The day demanded that I push through my sugar crash and move forward.  I picked a friend up for his interview at a local gaming store and was there to hear the happy news that he got a job that is perfect for him. Honestly, that was one of the best presents. I saw my friend come alive with confidence.  This is something that he has been working up to for nearly two years.   He didn’t know that he was working to this point, but that’s the way life is at times. It sets up trials for us and prepares us events and tasks that we didn’t even know were out there for us.

My friend, my dear, dorkatastic friend, came to life today.

And that was fantastic.

Then I took a birthday nap, which was awesome.



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