100 Words on ADHD

The knowledge that I have ADHD has transformed my life. Many of the things which I believed were faults were the effects of trying to adapt to a neurotypical world when there was no way to fit my triangle peg in to the octagon hole without glaring gaps. Those gaps are the things which cause … Continue reading 100 Words on ADHD


100 Words on my Doctor

My doctor is not neurospicy. She has an ego that worries me. On the 6th of the month, I received an email saying that I need to talk to my doctor about getting a blood test due to high blood calcium level. On the 9th, I requested an appointment and by the 10th, I had … Continue reading 100 Words on my Doctor

100 Words Talking To A Friend

Can I call again? Of course. Sometimes when a friend calls they don't need advice. They need you to listen and reassure them that they aren't a bad person for setting boundaries. You listen and speak when called. You listen and don't insert yourself. You listen and when you expect that the process will begin … Continue reading 100 Words Talking To A Friend