When Momma goes down We all go down When Momma's not happy no one is happy Because Mommas are the glue that holds us all together And when they go down we all go down Til one of us rises and the Momma we become.   If you’d like more information on Lucinda's work subscribe to … Continue reading Momma

A Well Lived Life

I don't know how many mistakes I have made in publishing my first book, but walking back from the Audubon Park Farmer's Market I realize just how happy I am and that things are good. Not always great, but pretty good. I was able to deliver another one of my books to one of my … Continue reading A Well Lived Life

A New Lonely Mountain

There is a place in Central Pennsylvania where the trees are weeping and the mountain itself is sighing.  It's protector, it's guardian is dead, passed into another realm to be reunited with his lady love, my grandmother, Honey. Yesterday, my grandfather better known to his family and friends as Popper or Pappa, passed into the Summer … Continue reading A New Lonely Mountain