Papa and Momma’s Story

Papa and Momma don't dance down the lane They don't skip to my lou or any such thing He has a limp from the war says he fell out of bed with a whore, But that ain't the truth Because truth ain't pretty or nice And Momma has been through too much A husband who … Continue reading Papa and Momma’s Story

The Wrong Road

There were not two roads in a yellow wood, but a highway that stretched for ages beyond the horizon with exits and options for adventures and misadventures on and on it went risking and losing more than gained hoping to find just the right one the road looped back again home again Wrong Road, Right Road … Continue reading The Wrong Road

Arming Ms. Apple

Of all the things that could be done to education, the worst would be the arming of American school teachers. Seriously, it would be disastrous...Countless teachers would quit or retire in order to avoid having to carry gun in a school or work around them.  Many more would never entered the profession.  Teachers are under-fire … Continue reading Arming Ms. Apple

Book Review: All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome

Book: All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome Author: Kathy Hoopmann Available: Barnes & Noble, Amazon ($10.95 - $14.95) Rarely do I venture into bookstore or any major retail store during the holidays unless it Target, but this year I went in search a present for a very special two month old girl.  Truthfully, I had spotted it … Continue reading Book Review: All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome

Gratitude Day 2 – Sisterhood

Last year's gratitude series began with a reflection on an evening spent with some good friends.  Last night, I was in their company again.  It wasn't a quiet evening at home, but a busy night at work. Serena was in the kitchen making her delectable creations for patrons. Sonia was running the floor and making … Continue reading Gratitude Day 2 – Sisterhood