The Writer, the Move and Death

This last year has been rockiest of my life.  In early July 2017,  I wrote about my heartbreak when my relationship of over a decade ended.  By early August, I had decided to move. It was a long time coming; little of the move had to do with my Ex. He only helped in determining … Continue reading The Writer, the Move and Death

Cardboard Box Contemplations

Several of my friends are moving.  New homes and new starts. That's what I think of moving. A chance to begin again even if nothing else is changing. Changing your most intimate spaces can bring the breath of fresh air that a life needs. There is a part of me that has been discontent for … Continue reading Cardboard Box Contemplations

Tossing the junk; cleansing the past (An Update)

The past calls to me, but it is like the siren's call; deadly. It urges me to hold on go things. The objects which in turn sing my name; yet these items straddles me with their weight. They threaten to limit my future: emotional, physically and financially. This past weekend, I ventured into the confines … Continue reading Tossing the junk; cleansing the past (An Update)