Where do we go from here?

So I took the plunge and started my life over again. Now what? What is it that I am trying to do that I couldn’t do before and with a partner?

My new house is coming together. There are curtains hanging in the bedroom and dinning room.  I even have a table cloth and place mats.  There is even money left in the bank prior to payday.

Yet, my happy ending isn’t here yet. The mailman must be confused, because surely, I deserve on after everything that I have gone through.   I did the right thing, isn’t time for life just to settle into place and be perfect from now on.

Life doesn’t work that way and once you clear the hurtle before you there is another one and another one, until you die.  You can take life as it comes and deal with or you can be miserable waiting for happily ever after.  There is no prince to rescue me. I need to do that myself.

So where do I go from here? Where do we go? We go into the future. We move forward together. Day by day and step by step.  I will continue to write, sharing my thoughts and poetry and you will continue to read and encourage.  Don’t be bashful.. tell me what you think… even if it is something that I might not want to hear.


3 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?

  1. I saw a fantastic tattoo on Wil Wheaton’s tumblr the other day and your post made me think of it. It said “I am the hero of this story. I don’t need to be rescued” (or something close anyway, I didn’t go double check for exact wording). Things won’t always go perfectly, but you can handle whatever comes your way. ❤


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