Lessons From A Cat on A 30-Year Old Roof

1.  The cat has no problem being on the roof.

2. You are the one with the problem.

3. The cat doesn’t care. She is having a wonderful time.

4. It will seem insane, but if the cat got up, the cat get down herself.

5. Still you will try and you will fail.

6. Tuna is a good idea to try and coax the cat down or at least closer to you.  The cat will use this as a way to torment you. Be prepared for these emotional games.

7. Going up on the roof is not a good idea at night, when it is windy or when your roof is thirty years old.

8. Cussing at the cat in a sweet tone will not work either.

9. When the cat comes down she will act as if nothing happened. Arguing with her is foolish just go pour yourself a glass of wine. It will be cheaper than therapy or getting a dog.

Nothing to see here. I wasn't on the roof for in indeterminate amount of time.  I mean, meow...

Nothing to see here. I wasn’t on the roof for indeterminate amount of time. I mean, meow…


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