Change Our Constant Companion

Monday, Change did not come. Tuesday, Change did not come. Wednesday, still no Change. Thursday, Change briefly stopped in. Friday, Change sundered in and flipped me the bird, which was totally unnecessary. I didn’t doubt Change would come. It had been humanity’s companion.

Photo by Alexas Fotos on

When I was born in Pennsylvania and have no memories of that place because Change came in and offered a deal my father could no pass up. My first strong memory is of walking in a house in Maryland. I remember brick steps leading to a family room. Change pulled us then to Virginia where my next strong memory is being carried in the snow into a house in Virginia where my brother dropped my diapers in the snow. Change came again and again as I grew always coming and going as I was learning the rules.

Change you have always been with me and I will never doubt your existence or your power. So there is no need to show off.

But, I can’t stop you. I can only walk with you. Let’s do this thing called life together.


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