Dear Cancer

Dear Cancer,

Tonight I found out that you are killing another friend of mine; draining his life away before the eyes of his loved ones. His spirit is tired and just wants to rest; sleep however, offers little relief.

Life keeps moving on at a normal pace, but now thanks to you it exhausts him and there is no end in his mind. Except the one that you have designed for him when he will be sans everything but love.  No amount of good karma or begging will stop you. You have tasted the blood of his spirit and are determined to drink every last drop.

As I write this a good and honorable women is dying from your venom; her children surround her.  You do not care nor do you take mercy on any one who is gathered with her.  You might even take perverse joy in knowing that one who escaped your grasp now watches over her and those children.  His own battle mirrored in her suffering.

Last year at this time, you took a friend of mine from her four girls and countless loved ones.  You showed no mercy, pit or remorse for the suffering you caused them.

You came after my mother twice and are attacking my grandfather for a third time.  You tried to take out two of my sisters after you killed my aunt. When will you finally have your fill of blood and death?  When will it be enough?

We stand up to you with rallies and marches raising money for research and still you come.  It seems like a hopeless battle; no matter what we do you continue to kill.  Why? Because you can not defeat us.  You can not destroy the human spirit or rid of us of all hope.  Every survivor, everyone who lived longer than they were expected or laughed in your face is evidence that no matter how many you take, we will always survive and fight.   We will do so with science as well as love, laughter and faith.


Lucinda Rose


5 thoughts on “Dear Cancer

  1. I wrote this as a way to deal with the news. As sad as it is and no matter what happens I will always choose to remember how my friends and loved ones lived their lives; not what cancer did to them or is doing to them. I still see my friend, Shannon’s face smiling and laughing. I hear my aunt telling me stories of ancient civilizations. They live on through all who remember them. I really do believe that our spirits are stronger than any disease.


  2. Thank you, my friend… your continued friendship is one of the sources of my strength. I don’t have many friends from back in the day. You are one of two people who knew shy awkward Lu…


    • We’ve both come a long way in all these years! You are officially the person I’ve known the longest, to whom I’m not related! I have a few friends from high school, but you’re the only one from before that! I hope to have you in my life for many years to come!! ❤


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