Pausing for a Happy Dance


Dancing with my dear friend, Stef..

Today, I had every intention of finishing the poetry post after school was out.  Then I read something at lunch that stop me in my tracks.   An email informing me that I am now the new English Department Chair.

For the past three years there has been a different chair.  Each time I found out one was leaving I hoped that after all the praise that was heaped upon me that I would be chosen.

A year ago, I was working on beginning a new adventure. This blog.  Now, I have a whole new adventure.  I can’t help but think that this adventure helped to bring about the newest one.

Focusing on my writing forced me to work more efficiently at school and really think about what I want and how to use my time.  I know I am a better teacher today, a better person and human being than I was a year ago.. writing and working on my dreams has opened me up to so much.

Thank you my friends and readers for all your support.

Much love,



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