Cassandra’s Lament.

It is the knowing that hurts,

cuts, and slices to the soul.

It is my gift, my curse.

This knowing before,

a word or thought,

is formed and delivered.

It is the knowing the hurts,

cuts, and slices to the soul.

3 thoughts on “Cassandra’s Lament.

  1. “it is the knowing that hurts” is a great opening line (and a great homage to cassandra, especially if we think of Ovid’s Cassandra who promised sex to Apollo and didn’t keep up her side of the bargain)

    I also like the subtle shift from the relative ‘that’ to the article “the” in the penultimate line–the contrast made me stop and think.


    • I really love your comments… they help me see different aspects of my work. I have never had a chance to read Ovid, although it has always been on my list to read. I think a trip to the library is in order.


      • Glad I could be helpful, in my non blogging life reading and writing on poetry is my job (kind of).

        Ovid is an extremely playful and rich author. I am sure you’ll find his Metamorphoses enchanting.


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